Schappacher Engineering, LLC is a civil engineering company specializing in site development, Construction Management, Community Development District (CDD) Engineering, and Municipal Engineering.
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 Construction Phase Services

At Schappacher Engineering LLC we offer a wide range of Construction Phase Services.  Below is a list of items that we offer associated with Construction Phase Services:


·        Specification Preparation

·        Preparing Cost Estimates

·        Bidding Services

·        Preparation of Addendums

·        Evaluating Bids and Provide Recommendation

·        Contract Preparation, Notice of Award and Notice to Proceed

·        Evaluating and Addressing RFI’s

·        Conducting Pre-construction Meeting and Preparing Minutes

·        Site Visits and Site Observations

·        Preparing Daily Construction Reports and Photo Documentation

·        Assistance in Testing of Completed Utility Systems

·        Record Keeping

·        Coordinating with appropriate Federal Agencies

·        Grant Documentation including Labor Interviews

·        Evaluating Construction Delays and Costs

·        Shop Drawing Reviews

·        Reviewing Pay Applications

·        Evaluating Change Orders

·        Coordinating Bonding Letters

·        Lift Station Start ups

·        Final Certifications

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 CDD Engineering Services

Our staff has served as the District Engineer for a number of Community Development District (CDD) within the Manatee and Sarasota areas.  Each community has different needs and below is a list of services that we have provided to these communities:

·        Preparing the Engineers Report in establishment of new Community Development Districts

·        Coordination with bond council and the CDD Management team in preparing the appropriate documentation, maps, cost spreadsheets and reports

·        Preparing reserve study items and life expectancy costs

·        Evaluating existing infrastructure including pavement deficiencies and recommend repairs

·        Evaluating roadway failures and determining cause and coordinating the repairs and the costs with the responsible utility companies

·        Evaluating segmented block retaining wall failures and coordinating replacement and repairs

·        ADA compliance review of site infrastructure

·        Evaluate nature trail settlement and determine cause and recommend repairs

·        Evaluate Lake Bank erosion

·        Coordinate with SWFWMD for Well Permitting

·        Reviewing Easements and other legal documentation

·        Assist in preparing plans for general maintenance requirements

·        SWFWMD Re-certifications

·        Signage Review for compliance

·        Review for potential Traffic Calming Devices

·        Coordinate Platting efforts with Surveyor

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 Site Development

Our staff has worked on a number of projects both large and small located in the Tampa Bay area.  These projects range from large multi-phase residential developments with retail and commercial elements to small individual site plans for a single building.  We have performed services for large national chains and private individuals.  We offer the same effort to all clients as all projects are extremely important regardless of the status of the client and we provide constant communication with all of our clients so that they keep informed of the status of their project from beginning to end. Included with the site development projects the following services were provided:
        Drainage Designs
        Utility Designs and coordination with franchise utilities
including Water Management Districts, local municipalities, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida Department of
        Environmental Protection (FDEP), US Army Corps of Engineers, NPDES and Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans (SPPP)

In addition our staff has worked on hundreds of projects in which both full and partial Construction Phase Services were provided again ranging from a single lot sites to sites in excess of 1,000 acres and on projects involving multiple types of construction activities and projects in tight city limits and project out in the isolated country.  

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Our staff has served as the Project Manager for Streetscaping Projects in the City of Wauchula on Main Street which included coordination with LAP grant funds and document preparation.  We have also served as the Construction Phase Services Manager for Streetscaping projects in the City of Palmetto on 8th Avenue which included coordinating with CDBG grant personnel and requirements, City of Sarsota on Main Street, the Town of Bay Harbor Island and on Washington Avenue in South Beach on Miami Beach.   

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 Value Engineering / Constructability Review

At Schappacher Engineering, LLC we understand the importance to keep costs in line without jeopardizing the quality of the project.  We also understand the challenges in permitting projects through the various agencies and how the design can change due to comments received during these reviews.  Many design professionals are also on a budget and/or a time constraint to get the deliverable completed and the project permitted and sometimes making minor changes is the easy way out yet it could add significant cost to the project.  As comments are received and implemented into the plans, we review the overall effect the change creates to the project and if we see opportunities to save on construction cost by making other changes to the plans, then we communicate these opportunities to the developer so that they can make the decision on whether to delay the deliverable and make additional changes to the plans.  On many design projects, if we can eliminate just a couple structures, or re-align a utility run, we can offset the entire consultant fee with just a few changes.  On the other hand, with the amount of field experience that we have, we can also save the client significant costs by performing constructability reviews of the plans.  What looks good on paper does not always work in the field. 

We always provide value engineering with our design projects and we keep up with the industry in product costs and pass these years of experience and cost saving potentials on to the clients.

We can also provide value engineering on projects designed by other consultants through Constructability Reviews of the plans.  We have provided this service to clients and in nearly every case, we were able to find cost saving measures that more than paid for the fee of the Constructability Review with many well in excess of the fee paid for the review.

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 Due Diligence

Prior to purchasing land for a proposed development many developers invest a minimal amount of money to have the site reviewed to determine if this site is feasible for their proposed development.  It is important to provide a detailed evaluation of the site in order to know what you want can be built on the site.  We have a thorough checklist of items to evaluate and research so that you can be confident that your project can be built before investing significant funds in purchasing the lands.  We review the Entitlements including at a minimum the Zoning, Maps, Ordinances, Agreements, Moratoriums, Regulatory issues, Neighborhood issues, Wildlife and Species, Fees and School issues.  We review the utilities for the existence or availability of each utility including franchise and municipal services. We also review the physical features of the property including Topography, Soils, adjacent uses, Toxic issues and provide feedback on any negative issues.

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 Municipal Engineering

Members of our staff  have served as the Project Manager for the City of Wauchula for over 10 years providing services to the City including Sewer Rehabilitation, Inflow &Infiltration (I&I) Studies, Park Improvements, Streetscape Improvements, Stormwater Master Planning, Box Culvert Replacement, Signalization Studies, Plan Reviews, Sidewalk Improvements and Water Main Replacements.

In addition our staff has worked as the Construction Manager for over 10 years serving Manatee County on nearly 40 projects involving Utility and Roadway improvements; the Project Manager for FDOT District One Scour Analysis for over 10 years; Project Manager for FDOT District One and Seven Bridge Inspection services; Construction Manager for the City of Punta Gorda on the Laishley Park Improvements, pavement analysis and bridge inspection services; Construction Manager for the City of Sarasota on Streetscape and Utility projects; Construction Manager for Sarasota County on Bridge Rehabilitation and Roadway Projects.

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 SWFWMD Re-certification

At Schappacher Engineering, LLC we can provide SWFWMD Re-certifications at very competitive prices.  You are not bound to the Design Engineer in providing the re-certifications; you only need a licensed Engineer in the State of Florida to provide the service.   The purpose of the re-certification is to ensure that the storm water system is functioning as designed.  The approved storm water plans are available at the local storm water management district and we can conduct the site review timely and provide you with a report including photos of any deficiencies.  Most of the deficiencies discovered do not affect the operation of the storm water system and the certification can be provided to the district.  The photo report can then be used to schedule and perform the required maintenance to prevent any long term or more costly issues.   Call us for your next required SWFWMD re-certification for competitive prices.

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